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The Formula 1 Look-alike Championship

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"I don't make mistakes. I make prophesies
that immediately turn out to be wrong."  

  Jacques Fucking Villeneuve/Raphael Sbarge
  Jacques Fucking Villeneuve   Raphael Sbarge    While watching the ludicrous nonsense that calls itself Once Upon A Time the other day, imagine our surprise at finding flukey former champion Jacques Villeneuve playing a human version of Jiminy Cricket. By Jiminy, indeed!

The only good thing about it was that he was trapped at the bottom of a very deep mineshaft - no doubt a good place to find both his motorsport and musical careers, the concept of each of which suddenly makes Once Upon A Time a whole lot less ludicrous and nonsensical.

Turns out it was actually Raphael Sbarge, to whom we offer our sincerest apologies for this case of mistaken identity.

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