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The Formula 1 Look-alike Championship

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  Formula 1/The Borgias
  Formula 1   The Borgias    Power-hungry, deceiving, corrupt, Machiavellian, incestuous... but enough about modern Formula 1, did you see The Borgias, the pseudo-historical TV romp created by Neil Jordan (no relation) about what can only be described as... the Borgias?

Jordan (no relation) seems to have thought that it would be an excellent idea to cast leading figures from the world of modern Formula 1 as key characters in his popish melodrama.

So far, we've spotted Michael Schumacher as Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere, Fernando Alonso as Cesare Borgia, Jean Todt as King Charles VIII of france, and Nico Rosberg as Lucrezia Borgia My Reflection.

Have any eagle-eyed readers spotted any other F1 courtiers or courtesans among the cast? If so, please issue us with a papal bull.

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