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And it's go...GO...GO!!!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix?
Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix is a simple game which involves ITV's coverage of a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

What is the object of the game?
The object of the game is to get blind drunk.

How does it work?
As Murray Walker says: anything can happen in Formula 1, and it usually does. Some of these things can happen with a reasonable degree of certainty. DALA-GP™ requires that whenever such an incident happens, participants should salute Murray with an alcoholic beverage.
Drinking is only permitted in response to Incidents (except in "Free Practice" sessions - see below). In order that momentum is not lost, there is a wide range of Incidents which may apply throughout ITV's qualifying and race coverage.

What do I need? Incidents
Some incidents may occur at any time during ITV's coverage, including the advertisement breaks. These include commentary and punditry incidents.
Other incidents are restricted to particular times. These are: Qualifying, Martin's Gridwalk, Pre-Race (including the Formation Lap), The Race and Post-Race. Such incidents are exclusive - for example a qualifying incident cannot be applied during the race.
Incidents normally incur a two-finger penalty, except bonuses or other phenomena which incur the penalties indicated.

Jokers Players may sponsor their favourite team and its drivers. The team must be declared before the start of the game. Totems (including baseball caps, flags, t-shirts, models (or toys)) must be displayed. Playing a joker has the effect that where an incident applies to a sponsor's team or drivers, the penalty must be doubled.

Driver Clichs

NoDriverPenalty-Incurring IncidentBonus?
1Hakkinenuse of phrase "double world champion" 
2Coulthardmore confident since near-death 
3M.Schumacheruse of phrase "double world champion" 
4Barrichellogoes to sleep mid-race 
5Frentzenjoys of new-found fatherhood 
6Trullilooks a bit like Ayrton Senna*
7Irvinesuspected appendicitis 
8Herbert"unlucky" or "unluckiest man in F1" 
9R.SchumacherMichael's brother*
10Button"laid back" 
11Fisichellato stay at Benetton/Renault 
12Wrznot living up to initial promise*
13Alesi"experienced" or similar ageist euphemism*
14HeidfeldF3000 champion*
15Dinizson of a supermarket magnate 
16Salothe other Mika / the other Finn 
17De La Rosause of the word "Spaniard" 
18VerstappenJos the Boss*
19Geneuse of the word "Spaniard" 
21VilleneuveDanni Minogue 
22  Zonta"disappointing" 

* Supplemental Driver Penalties:
Penalty: for two fingers more.
6Jarno Trulli"Trulli scrumptious" or "Trulli, madly, deeply"
9Ralf Schumacher"As good as Michael" says Gerhard Berger
12Alex Wrzformer BMX world champion
13Jean Alesistrained relations with "presumptious boy" Heidfeld
14Nick Heidfeldstrained relations with "slow" Alesi
18Jos Verstappen"as he's known in Holland"
20  Gaston MazzacaneJim responds that he won't like that.

Martin correcting Murray
Presentation, Commentary and Punditry Incidents

Gridwalk Incidents

Qualifying Incidents

All participants incur a one-finger penalty for every minute completed before the first car comes out.

Provisional pole changing

Pre-Race & Formation Lap Incidents

DC receiving a trophy from an obscure government official
Post-Race Incidents

Racing Incidents
Bad luck, Johnny

Extraordinary Phenomena
Schumacher crashing out. Cheers!

James Allen getting excited by rubber

Free Practice Sessions

During a free practice session, the players shall be required to consume the stipulated amount before the end of the race. Free practice session penalties may be undertaken at the players discretion, but are cumulative, and must be completed before the chequered flag. An inventive penalty will be placed on any player who has outstanding free practice to be taken after the winner is in parc ferm.

Version 1.0 / Tested German GP Hockenheim 29-30 July 2000
©2000 M&D Games Ltd