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Life for us is made up of (a) motorsport and (2) things that distract us from motorsport. This is, of course, the former.
And in other news
The latest F1 news only slightly after it's happened. Also home of the now legendary Murrayismogram.
Silly season
Of course, everything else on this site is inordinately sensible.
Not the original but undoubtedly the best.
Build your own F1 driver
Assemble your own driver, Dr. Frankenstein-style, from the face parts of current and former F1 drivers. It's alive! Alive!
For those of you who take some kind of puerile delight in scribbling over faces in magazines (and we proudly include ourselves in that group), here's an online version.
Join us as we mark off each record Michael Schumacher loses, one by one.
If you're not sure how to get from Jordan to Force India in three easy steps, maybe you need a refresher course.
A great game for wet Sundays at home. And now you can print your own Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix superlicence, to make it all official.
Louise Goodman Fan Club
Not really a fan club as such. More of an appreciation.
James Allen
Phrase Book
Mystified by some of the rantings of the bouffanted buffoon? Help is at hand.
Give this page a voicebox and a microphone and 96% of viewers wouldn't notice the difference.
The Wisdom of James Allen
All the other nonsense we've noticed him saying that didn't fit into the Phrase Book or Simulator.
Championship standings/race results
Current placings in the championship, including finishing positions and points scored, as well as full results for each race. It's F1 stat heaven!
Spleen vent room
See the steam coming from our ears! Watch us turn purple!
Plan your weekends for the year ahead.
The Road To F1
Andrew Thompson support
See the dotdotdotcomma logo on Andrew Thompson's F3 car.
And in other news
The latest news from F1's feeder series, only slightly after it's happened.
Silly season
All you need to know about who'll be in which seat when the music stops.
A gallery of doppelgangers from F1's feeder series.
Build your own "Road To F1" driver
Combine the faces of current and former drivers to create your own driver.
Have you ever tried to picture the offspring of Adam Carroll and Nigel Mansell? If so, you may need medical help but while you're waiting for it to arrive, get a load of this page.
VECTRA - The Virtual Encyclopaedia of Cars, Tracks, Racers And-so-on
A collection of at-a-glance thumbnail sketches covering all aspects of motorsport - just the thing if you're after a hastily researched, error-ridden and just plain misleading encyclopaedia.
Circuit onomatopoeia
Always thought circuits were named by chance? Well, you were wrong.
Silly motorsport theories
Laughably uninformed attempts to explain some of the more impenetrable aspects of motorsport.
Special events
dotdotdotcomma's big days out.
London Tube maps
Is it possible to get from Murray Walker to Rothmans without using the "Team Principals" line? Find out here.
Life for us is made up of (a) motorsport and (2) things that distract us from motorsport. This is by way of being the latter.
M&D Games
Allotment Pool
A great game for wet Tuesdays in the pub.
A great game for wet Sundays at home. And now you can print your own Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix superlicence, to make it all official.
Poker Bluff
Confused by this seemingly complex game? Let our resident experts enlighten you.
All Dictionary Editors Are Pervs
It's a bold and controversial claim. See the proof.
Exclusive cars for sale. You won't find these in the showrooms.
If you're sick of banging Harvey against the wall, pop into The Healthy Slug and try something new.
dotdotdotcomma Ain't What It Used To Be
We raided the backups to put together this gallery of old dotdotdotcomma pages and got all misty-eyed in the process.
dotdotdotcomma's social networking portal: a totally original concept. Ahem.
Partial Perspective Vortex
For those of you who aren't Zaphod Beeblebrox and therefore do not have an ego the size of the universe, here's a slightly less brain-annihilating version of Trin Tragula's Total Perspective Vortex for you to try. We're big fans of science, you know.
RAT Things
What do "VCR recorder", "LCD display" and "ATM machine" have in common? If we said that they're all RAT things, would you be any the wiser? This page explains all.
Rory Awards
Swearing is neither big nor clever but then nor are we, which is probably why it amuses us. Adults only.
Themed Logos
See how Kylie obligingly contorted herself into the shape of a comma for us.
Guest book
Impressed? Appalled? Care to comment?
Tips to help you enjoy your dotdotdotcomma experience.
Fernando Alonso quotes? Fresh asparagus quiches? Fights, arguments and quarrels? Nope. It's just some frequently asked questions.
Clippings from the dotdotdotcomma scrapbook.
RSS and Atom feeds
dotdotdotcomma goes syndicated. Grab your feeds here.
Completely genuine but largely out-of-context endorsements from the famous and not so famous.
Delete this site from the internet
If this map is too complex, click here to implement the ultimate in simplification.
Site map
The page you're on now. Go on, click the link. You'll only come back here.

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