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Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix (2003 Imola Bad Taste Edition)
The Rules

For this special edition of Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix 2003, all rules from the standard version still apply. The only additional incident to be honoured is any mention of the Schumacher brothers' mother, Elisabeth, who died on the Saturday night before the race. Anything along the lines of:

"Ralf Schumacher, whose mother died last night...,"

should be marked by the observing of a one-finger penalty.

While this is a "bad taste" edition, the makers of this game would like to stress that they are not seeking to make light of Elisabeth's death or the grief of her family. This event no doubt had a bearing on the brothers' performances and so, as fans of the sport, we needed to be told. Once. However, in roughly three hours of coverage, ITV managed to mention this information 12 times and there was another one for good measure from the press conference interviewer.

And that's enough for an extra pint, even if you've got really skinny fingers.