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Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix (2006 Michael Schumacher Retirement Edition)

For this special edition of Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix 2006, all rules from the standard version still apply.

However, should participants unwisely opt to play whilst watching the Brazilian Grand Prix, there is one extra incident to be observed. To mark the occasion of Michael Schumacher's retirement from Formula One, players are required to turn off the TV, put some fresh drinking trousers on and embark on a celebratory drinking spree, which must:

(a) last not less than six hours
(2) include at least one visit to a fast-food establishment
(C) feature some overly loud anti-Schumacher chanting
(iv) be followed by a solid night's sleep and a hearty breakfast before attempting anything sensible like going to work or driving a car

Players who wake up the following day with no hangover and the feeling that they somehow "got away with it" are required to repeat the exercise until they feel as bad as they used to whenever Schumacher won a race.