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Drink-Y'know-A-Long-A-Y'know-Christian-Horner-Y'know (2007 Edition)

This supplement can be played with, or independently from, a game of Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix and is available in three versions.

The main principles of Drink-Y'know-A-Long-A-Y'know-Christian-Horner-Y'know accord with the now legendary article 2(i) imperative ("The object of the game is to get blind drunk"). The three versions are as follows:

Version A
When Christian Horner is interviewed on television, take an FIA-approved finger of your FIA-approved beverage each time he says "y'know".

Version 2
When Christian Horner is interviewed on television, count the number of words he says between incidences of the word "y'know" and the highest number you get to is the number of FIA-approved fingers of FIA-approved beverage you consume at the end of the interview.

Version III
Serious players can combine the above versions into a single game. This will require at least one word counter and one "y'know" counter.

In the case of a disagreement about the number of words or "y'know"s counted, the higher or highest number should be used (see article 2(i) above).