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The Formula 1 Look-alike Championship

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"I don't make mistakes. I make prophesies
that immediately turn out to be wrong."  

  Pierre Dupasquier/Jacques-Yves Cousteau (suggested by James Allen)
  Pierre Dupasquier   Jacques-Yves Cousteau    From James Allen's commentary during qualifying for the 2002 US Grand Prix: "Pierre Dupasquier there on the right, just playing with his nose. Looks a lot like Jacques Cousteau, doesn't he?"

Well, not really, James, no. Perhaps there wasn't a grown-up around to explain this to you but one of the usual requirements for people looking alike is that they have a physical resemblance to each other and, while Michelin's grand fromage and the seventies TV diver may both be big in rubber, they're not actually very similar to look at. Still, thanks for trying and better luck next time. Now, back to the nursery with you.

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