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expand item F1 Chinese Grand Prix: MP4-31 'provisionally fit' to race 14th Apr 2016
F1: Chinese Grand Prix: MP4-31 'provisionally fit' to race by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
14th Apr 2016
The MP4-31 has been declared "provisionally fit" to take part in this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

The McLap'em car, which only just managed to outpace the hapless MotherRussia in 2015 through being driven by infinitely more championship-winning drivers, faces further tests before being given the full go-ahead.

"This car is sick," said one of its drivers, a Bunsen Jet-On, 36, of Frome, "and I don't mean in the good way like what the young people say these days, dig?"

When asked whether he was looking forward to getting back into the car for practice, other driver, one Fernando ALongTimeSinceHisLastChampionship said "Don't make me laugh."

"No, seriously - don't," he added. "It hurts when I laugh."

The car of the quite interesting British squad, 50, will be given a second check-up after taking part in first practice on Friday.

Governing body the FIEh? took six hours to make this decision after testing the MP4-31 on Thursday.

"We knew straight away it would be OK for the car to participate in FP1," said FIEh? Napoleon Jean Toad, "but I do like to see Ron Serious squirm."
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