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The dotdotdotcomma newsdesk is entirely fictional. There aren't any real people here at all. So what's new?

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dotdotdotcomma Road To F1 News

FFE: Eight manufacturers homologated for season two by Mathias Olaf Uncertain
5th Aug 2015
The interweb has been flooded with ePress Releases announcing that the FIEh? has officially homologated the eight manufacturers that will provide powertrains to the ten teams that will participate in the upcoming second season of the Formula E championship.

For those readers whose first language is English, that means that motorsport's governing body has approved eight engines for use in next season's Formula E championship.

OK, so we're beginning to understand why the sport insists on using "powertrain" when it means "engine", because modern engines aren't just an engine, but include a whole series of things like the e-motor, the inverter, the gearbox and the cooling system, but for the sake of the deity of your choice, so did old engines. And the advantage of the word "engine" is that it already has an "e" at either end, which makes it almost the perfect word for FIEh? Formula E's hyperactive mark-e-ting department™. It's not a mere engine, it's an e-ngine or an eNGINe or possibly an engine.

But that doesn't excuse the use of a complicated piece of jargon like "homologated", which, when all's said and done, at the end of the day and when push comes to shove, just means "agreed". I think we're meant to believe that some kind of complicated process has taken place in which it has been recorded (log) that the engines, or powertrains, if you insist, are all basically the same (homo). But, no. Someone has just looked at the engine spec and said "Yes, that looks OK to me."

All of which is only slightly more interesting than the actual news which is that most of the teams have produced their own engine, apart from Drag Racing, who are borrowing Vetinari's engine, and Aduki who are going the MotherRussia route and using last year's, meaning that, technically, the FIEh? have, in fact, agreed nine engines for use in season two. Ha! Homologate that, fuckers!

Watch out for more eracing news from dotdotdotcomma: the Offical Satire Partner of the FIEh? Formula E Championship*.

* Please note that this status is not endorsed by the FIEh?, by Formula E or by Alejandro Agrajag.

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