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Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix (or DALA-GP for the sake of brevity) is a game for anyone who has reached the age of majority. Now your favourite sport can be even more fun. You may also know the game by its less familiar alias of GALAPAGOS, or Glug-A-Long-A-Prix-A-Grand-Or-Something.

The DALA-GP rules below have undergone exhaustive testing at Jerez, Estoril and Mugello and, for your entertainment and education, we include the rules from previous seasons in case you, like us, are sad enough still to have videos of any of those races.

If you do play the game, we'd be interested in hearing your experiences of DALA-GP, if you can remember them. Contact our sub-editor with any fragments of memory remaining after playing the game. Pictures that you'd be happy to have published here would be even better, although we would just say to Tim - and you know who you are - that you probably need to get your girlfriend's permission before sending us that kind of material.

On a historical note, DALA-GP originated from the now legendary Drink-A-Long-A-Dallas, popular when we were students in the mid-to-late eighties. The rules were simple: watch Dallas, take a good swig every time anybody on Dallas had a drink. It was the best way we know of getting blind drunk in 40 minutes. And the only reason to look forward to Sue-Ellen's appearances. During 1999, the germ of an idea for DALA-GP evolved into a veritable virus when we considered taking a swig of booze every time the cameras caught a trackside advertisement for an alcoholic beverage.

We abandoned this idea very early on in an Italian Grand Prix. Just count the number of times the word "Campari" appears on the start/finish straight and you'll begin to understand why. Nonetheless, Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix was born. And the rest is the humanities subject of your choice.

M&D Games, the producers of DALA-GP, would like to make it clear that DALA-GP is a spectator activity that should be followed by a good night's sleep and a big fry-up before travelling. Driving while drunk is neither big nor clever.

2000 Edition
2001 Edition
2002 Edition
2003 Edition
2003 Bad Taste (Imola) Edition
2004 Edition
2005 Edition
2006 Edition
2006 Michael Schumacher Retirement Edition
2007 Edition
2007 Drink-Y'know-A-Long-A-Y'know-Christian-Horner-Y'know Edition
2008 Edition
2008 "Minardi DNA" Edition
2009 Edition (draft)

Print your own Drink-A-Long-A-Grand-Prix superlicence
See a game in progress

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